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Freida does an Aamir Khan on India's Most Desirable

Freida does an Aamir Khan on India's Most Desirable

Freida does an Aamir Khan on India`s Most DesirableFreida re-did her artwork on Simi's chat show as she was not too happy and wanted it to be worthy of charity

Every celebrity appearing on Simi Garewal's chat show, India's Most Desirable, has to sketch their self-portrait which is then auctioned for charity. 

The celeb can choose from the various mediums given to them. These include oil paints, felt pens, crayons and water-based paints.

When Freida Pinto shot for the chat show, she wasn't too happy with the painting she did. The actress later worked on the canvas again.

The perfectionist

Says a source, "Freida stayed back after the shoot. She wasn't happy with her work. 

She lent final touches to the artwork and made sure it was perfect She wanted it to be worthy enough to be auctioned for charity and re-did it. She made sure her painting was perfect before she left for other commitments." 

The Slumdog Millionaire actress floored Simi with her "stylish, gracious and warm persona". The hostess observed that the girl had achieved international stardom and yet was "humble and modest" about her roots. 

Pinto's painting will be auctioned online later and the proceeds will go to a charity chosen by the celebrity. 

Enjoying art

Freida's spokesperson says, "She enjoyed art as a child but has had no formal art training.

She used oil-based paints on canvas for the painting on Simi's show. She gave her painting additional finishing touches after the shoot on the set itself." Simi's chat show is slated to air in June. 


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