Friday, September 23, 2011

Caterina Scorsone - Private Practice Promoshoots

Canadian actress from Toronto, Ontario

Caterina Reminy Scorsone (born October 16, 1981) is a Canadian actress.

Scorsone was born in Toronto, Ontario. She is the middle child of five in her family. She has older twin sisters, a younger sister, and a brother[citation needed.
She attended the Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in Toronto where she starred in Oklahoma and several other productions. In addition, she attended Trinity College in the University of Toronto and, most recently, in 2005, she finished her studies there, where she learned literary studies, comparative religions and obtained a political science degree.
Her first TV appearances were regular guest spots as a child on the Canadian children's TV show Mr. Dressup.
The series where Caterina had her worldwide breakthrough was 1-800-Missing (now simply called Missing). She played the part of Jess Mastriani, a young woman who sees missing persons in visions. After Jess saved some missing persons, she joined the FBI, where a special squad was formed around her, to find missing persons.
In 2009, Scorsone starred as Alice Hamilton on the Syfy TV miniseries Alice.
In 2010 she joined Private Practice in a recurring role of Amelia, the sister of Grey's Anatomy's Derek Sheppard. As of July 2010, Caterina has been promoted to series regular for Private Practice.She will appear in the third episode of the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy where she and Derek will try to reconcile their differences.

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