Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Bunnies of Chicago - August 1964 - Magazine Classics

The Bunnies of Chicago
Magazine Classics
August 1964

-Door Bunny Terri Kimball (Miss May 1964) greets keyholders in the club's lobby

-Playmate-Bunny Terri Kimball

-Playmate-Bunny China Lee (Miss August 1964) has cottontailed in Chicago, New York, New Orleans and Detroit

-Playmate-Bunny China Lee

-Bunny Sharon Rogers has been a Playboy cover girl, editorial assistant and January 1964 Playmate

-Playmate-Bunny Sharon Rogers

-Bunny Cheryl Vincent poses as a winsome pitchgirl in a champagne-themed club promotion photo

-Bunny Cheryl Vincent

-Bunny Patti Reynolds is an eye-filling addition to the The Playboy Club's Penthouse

-Bunny Patti Reynolds

-The finest Brandy this side of France is a tall blonde whose label reads Johnston

-Bunny Brandy Johnston

-Bunny Jeannie Bogan takes a keyholder's reservation

-Bunny Jeannie Bogan

-Playmate-Bunny Connie Mason (Miss June 1963) serves beverages in the Playmate Bar

-Playmate-Bunny Connie Mason

-Bunny Elke Hellman was a successful model and aspiring ballerina before emigrating to America from Germany

-The Playmate Bar bumper-pool table racks up an audience when Budapest-born Bunny Marika Lukacs shows up on cue

-A model embodiment of Chicago Bunny-hood, Kai Brendlinger (Miss November 1964) swims, skis in Windy City waters during leisure hours

-Beauty-contest winner Bunny Frankie Jones grew up (to a sun-ripened 37-24-35) in California

-Bunny Lannie Balcom

-Playmate-Bunny Avis Kimble (Miss November 1962) manages her own antique shop

-1962 Playmate of the Year June Cochran is the club's photogenic Photo Bunny

-Twin Bunnies Janis and Jennifer Jackson (Miss March 1965) keep heads spinning at the club

-Bunny Joey Thorpe, Playboy's 1963 cover girl, walks her dog along the shores of Lake Michigan

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