Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Kareena Kapoor uses the 'size zero' netbook only?

Why Kareena Kapoor uses the `size zero` netbook only?Refuses to shoot unless the netbook she endorses is used and represented in her next film

Kareena Kapoor believes in putting her money where her mouth is. The actress recently took her role as brand ambassador for a 'size zero' netbook (mini laptop) a tad too seriously.

Says a source, "Bebo loves the product and has one in every colour. She carries one to every shoot and is often seen working on it. In her upcoming film Atul Agnihotri's Bodyguard, she plays a management student who does all her studies using her laptop. As such, she is required to use one in every scene."

When a netbook of another make was given to her, she threw a fit and refused to shoot. She even went as far as to insist that the 'size zero' netbook be used in all her scenes in the film."

Kareena confirms, "It's true that I am very particular about my role as brand ambassador and have used the 'size zero' netbook for all my scenes in Bodyguard. I believe in my brand and wanted to represent it on screen as well."


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