Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vidya is taking pictures again but not the Dirty kind

Vidya is taking pictures again but not the Dirty kindVidya Balan has rediscovered her passion for photography.

Says a source close to the Dirty Picture actress, "She has always been fond of photography. It has become something of a passion over the last two years." 

It began as a hobby while shooting for Salaam-E-Ishq. Adds the source, "She gets snapping when she travels to shoots and other professional commitments.

Though she has over 500 pictures saved, she is still undecided whether she wants to have an exhibition or not. She has only told close friends and family about it. 

An exhibition entails lots of time and planning, something she doesn't have at the moment." 

It all started when she started using a camera phone. "Vidya recently bought an expensive digital camera and has graduated to using that. 

She has been reading up on photography. Her friends have been encouraging her to take it up professionally, but she's too busy now."


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